How to Make Pet Beds for the Animal Shelter from Your Sewing Scraps

Sizes: The beds come in 4 sizes (approximately):

22 X 28
28 X 36
28 X 42
29 X 28

Outside Material:  This must be sturdy cotton or home decorator fabrics like cotton duck. Material should not be fuzzy or have glitter or other decorative elements.

Inside Material: cotton or cotton batting ONLY.  Material should be SMALL scraps – think under 6 inches square. Large wads of fabric will be uncomfortable for the animal. In addition, some of these beds are washed and dried, so smaller scraps inside mean shorter drying time. Please check twice for lost pins and remove all buttons, and metal or plastic additions, such as snaps.


Simple pillow-case method – sew wrong sides together leaving a small opening for turning fabric right-side-to.  Once right sides are out, sew ¼ inch around outside to stabilize seam – leaving the opening. Stuff with scraps to fill bed loosely and then sew closed.

Fancy pillow-case method – sew as above but before turning right-side-out, sew gussets in each corner. This will result in a bed that lies “square” instead of curving down at the sides.

Finished Bed can be dropped off during Sew for Hope hours  at ARTS After School on Weems Road or directly to the Leon County Animal Shelter at 1125 Easterwood Drive (next door to Red Cross Building in Tom Brown Park.

Judy Rainbrook

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