March Work Days

Our next two meetings will be on Saturdays, March 4 & 18 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. If you’d like to help set up, please arrive any time after 9:15. We’d love help with that too. Lunch is from 11:30 – 12:30. The location we always meet at is:

ARTS After School
3510 Weems Rd

We’re going to spend the next several play days working on quilts that were donated to us in an unfinished state. These are challenging in a fun way. There are thousands of different patterns you can use to create a quilt. There are hundreds of different ways to finish a quilt that was started by someone else. If you have two people and one piece of fabric, one person may think it’s simply beautiful, and the other person may think it’s just awful. That’s when it gets amusing! So, the challenge is agreeing on how to complete those unfinished quilts. It really is fun to look at the unfinished quilt top, look at our available fabric, then agree on the best way to proceed. If you like to work with fabric and match colors, this group is for you.

We also have individuals who like to take a quilt from start to finish. From our collection, they select the fabric they like. They work on it in our group setting, but also take it home to work on. We have big tables that make fabric cutting easier, and lots of room to spread out. Some people like to provide their own fabric but still want to work in a group setting. It’s a great way to get to know like-minded people. Lunch break has been especially fun lately. It’s fine if you just want to join us for that.

We also welcome volunteers who’d like to stop by and pick up a project to take home to work on. With the exception of the PAEC Pre-K nap-time coverlets, and infant and toddler quilts, we don’t have deadlines on blankets. Speaking of the coverlets, we still have five that are outstanding but accounted for, so this project is complete for 2017. Thank you to all our volunteers who helped us finish up early this year.

The primary mission of Sew for Hope Kids is to make handmade quilts and blankets and donate them to HOPE Community Homeless Shelter here in Tallahassee. They are then given to children who stay at that shelter. When the kids leave, they get to take their blanket with them. They provide beauty, comfort, and security to children who are really having a rough time. To date we’ve made and donated 1,712 blankets to HOPE.

Thanks for all you do,

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