June Play Dates

We’ll be at ARTS After School, 3510 Weems Road
10 – 4 with lunch from 11:30 – 12:30
Saturdays, June 3 & 17*

Please join us as we make quilts and blankets for kids in our community — kids who need a little extra warmth in their lives.

We have lots of quilts started that need to be worked on either at ARTS, or they can be taken home to work on. Some of our volunteers come and choose fabric they like from our stash. Sometimes there’s another volunteer hanging out who will iron their fabric for them. They might stay and use our cutting tables and giant cutting mats. At the end of the day they take their project home to sew on. The next time they come in, it’s to use our big tables and mats to square up the quilt top or maybe sandwich it with the batting and backing. There are usually extra hands willing to help pin baste the quilt. Then they may take the quilt back home to quilt. If quilting isn’t their thing, they can turn it in and someone else will volunteer to do that part. Although we do not have as many quilters as we need. That’s why we have so many toppers that need to be finished into quilts.

For those volunteers who want a simpler task, we have Pre-K nap time coverlet kits ready. Those are pre-cut front and back panels. The two layers just need to be stitched together. Each kit has instructions but they are also available on our website.

We are always accepting donations of fabric, batting, and sewing supplies. Also we are still accepting cash donations to help pay for our cabinets and shelving. These items may be dropped off at any of our work days.

*For the entire 2017 work day listing, or for more information, please visit our website.


Thanks for all you do,

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