August Play Dates

Our play-days in August will be the 5th and 19th.
We’re meeting from 10-3 with lunch from 11:30-12:30 (Note to self — plan my brown bag so I won’t have to run out during lunch).
We always meet at ARTS After School.
3510 Weems Road

Since we’re sewing for children, should we start a tradition of making doggy themed quilts during the dog days of August? Do you have any left-over 100% cotton canine print fabric in your stash? We could make scrappy blocks. Even though we have quilts to finish, we love making blocks and quilt tops. Sometimes we need to indulge ourselves. If you’re coming on Saturday, and you have left-over (laundered) pooch fabric in your stash, please bring it along. Honestly though, it’s hard to have a firm plan. We never know how many volunteers we’ll have, or the amount of donations we’ll receive. So we’ve learned the importance of being flexible.

Here’s the loose plan: I’m hoping we’ll have enough volunteers so that we can have a couple people quilting from the many UFOs in our inventory, also several people sewing 12 1/2″ fido blocks, a few people cutting and squaring up those blocks, a couple working on twin-size quilt top lay-out, a fabric presser (or 2), and a runner. It would be great if we could have several volunteers arrive a few minutes before 10 to help set up the room. We must bring tables and the ironing board up from the storage closet. And we always need folks who can stay until 3 to help clean up.

The bowwow blocks – I know a picture is worth ten thousand words but I can’t insert an illustration here. So, without getting too wordy — we’ll make easy 12 1/2″ square, strip-pieced blocks, with all the strips sewn down on the diagonal. Let’s primarily use wide strips so they’ll make up faster. We need to do this without a paper foundation because we don’t have 12 1/2″ wide paper. We have colorful scraps which are already cut into strips of varying widths, but let’s make sure that each block has a wide strip of tail-wagger fabric running diagonally across the center. The rest will be simple once we get started and have an example of what we’re making. Quilts made from scrappy blocks such as these always look better if there’s a constant in each block. An example would be to have a solid black strip on either side of the center strip on each and every block in the quilt top. Another example would be to have the same solid blue fabric on two opposite corners of each and every block. We’ll make those decisions once we get started and see what fabric that we have to work with.

I only have time to add a couple more things right now.

1. Sew for Hope can always use plastic zippered bags like those that sheets and comforters come in. We use them for project bags. If possible please remove the stickers and gum residue (I use WD-40).

2. HOPE Community can always use twin bedding. Some of our readers may like to sew but not quilt. Pillow cases made from novelty fabric for children would be a very nice gift. These can also be purchased.

Thanks for all you do,

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