Sew for Hope (SfH) Amnesty News, 2019 Dates, etc.

Hello and Happy New Year. Wow! Did 2018 fly-by or what? Whew! Gave me whip-lash!

SfH has passed its one decade milestone so it looks like we’re here to stay. We have such a great core group of women and men who support us in a variety of ways. Thank you.

Our January Play Days will be the 5th and 19th from 10-3 at ARTS After School.

We’ll have brown bag lunch with show-and-tell time from 11:30-12:30.

Please let me know if you’re planning to attend by replying to this email. Thank you.

Donations must be dropped off before lunch. We need enough time to sort. If at all possible, please hold your donations until February. We’re still reeling from the two large donations we received in December.

During lunch on the 5th we’ll be discussing our upcoming February Sewing Party. I don’t know yet, but we might need extra help with that.

In January I need to continue quilting on Carla’s batik quilt. It still has a long way to go. Our Bernina sewing machine has a very narrow throat, so it’s challenging to get that king size quilt in there. I could use a hand maneuvering it. Also, if you received a new machine for Christmas, please consider donating your old one to SfH. We do need a machine with both walking and free-motion feet and a wide throat. The machine needs to be in good working order because while we’re abundant in fabric and supplies, the same cannot be said for cash. Speaking of cash, we always accept monetary donations. Every year we need money for our website and domain name. We also need to install a couple shelves in our storage closet.

Back to our January meetings — Annette wants to work on making PAEC coverlet kits. We need 61 blankets every Spring, so she needs help organizing and working on that.

We encourage stitchers to stop by and select a kit to take home. We always have a variety of projects requiring different skill levels, however what we need help with the most is quilting. We always need help with quilting. We have several long-arm quilters who do beautiful work, but we’ve maxed out the amount of charity sewing they can do.

We’re implementing an Amnesty Policy. SfH has never imposed deadlines because we know our volunteers are busy and sometimes life prevents one from charity sewing. However, if you’re embarrassed by the length of time you’ve had: a project, kit, tool, or equipment — please don’t be. Now, if you know in your heart that you’re never going to finish it, please return it. We promise you’ll be greeted with open arms and a non-judgmental, friendly smile. We’re also known for our warm hugs. I once discovered a UFO in my fabric room that I’d taken home 8 years earlier. It happens! Anyway, I returned it and someone else took it home to finish. That’s what we’d like you to do. Return the item(s) so another volunteer can finish the project or use the equipment and get those quilts and blankets into the arms of waiting children.

2019 Play Days

Jan 5 & 19, Feb 2 & 16, Mar 2 & 16, Apr 6 & 20, May 4 & 18, Jun 1 & 15, Jul 6 & 20, Aug 3 & 17, Sep 7 & 21, Oct 5 & 19, Nov 2 and Dec 7

We’d like to thank ARTS After School for giving us such a splendid home. We’d also like to thank Quilter’s Unlimited and American Sewing Guild for their continued support. Without these groups we’d be nothing.

Thanks for all you do,


Arts After School

Welcome to Quilters Unlimited!

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