September – one day only

Hello Dear Friends,

This month, most of the Sew for Hope group will be attending Quiltfest in Jacksonville, so we’ll only meet on September 7. We’ll be at Timberlane Church of Christ from 10 – 3, with a brown bag lunch from 11:30 – 12:30. The address is 3569 Timberlane School Road and we hope to see you there. If you’re able to join us on this day, please bring your own philanthropic project to work on if possible.

We ARE NOT meeting on September 21.

This is only our second meeting at Timberlane, but our first was great. We have an enormous room in which to spread out and work. There are lots of tables and chairs and the aroma coming from the kitchen was delightful. Anyway, at our first meeting we pulled back and simply made some small fleece throws for Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Speaking of . . . last month we delivered blankets to this organization after they did a bunk bed build. I just love making blankets to keep kids warm and secure at night. It warms MY heart.

We’re still looking for a home where we can work and store our things in the same premises. We presently have our belongings in an upstairs bedroom of one of our volunteers. Our meeting place is five miles away at the church. I recently received a call from a volunteer who needs more fabric to finish a blanket she started for us. Unfortunately all our fabric is packed away so it’s going to be a challenge finding the right box.

Please pass this info along to anyone who may be interested in sewing for children in need, or anyone who may have a lead on possible work/storage space for a well established philanthropic sewing group.


Thanks for all you do,

The Sew for Hope Sisters

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