No surprise  – Sew for Hope will not be meeting in person in November. But we have lots of good stuff to share with you. First is a lovely thank you note from Diane Fogarty of Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

I have been overwhelmed by the number of quilts Sew for Hope has contributed to SHP for the kids. My husband and I made a delivery today for three boys,( 7, 15 and 17) and brought three quilts today. All the boys were happy to receive something home made especially for them. The 15 year old said “I can’t believe someone made these quilts for us. I will treasure it forever.” He melted my heart!

A million thanks to everyone working on these quilts!!! And thanks to Donna for a wonderful article. She captured the mission and building process of SHP beautifully.

Diane Fogarty


The last newsletter not only resulted in Diane’s lovely thank you, it also inspired this poem!

For Julie F.

A woman is piecing a quilt
for a child who has no bed.

Another will bind the edges,
another will stitch the layers,
and other good people
are building the bed.

The woman feeds the bright pieces
to the hungry needle
and thinks of a child
asleep on the floor.
Does she sleep in her clothes?
Is his mother sick?

She sews another seam
and clips the thread,
daydreaming her hands
are smoothing the quilt
and soothing the child
in a newly made bed.

She imagines she is telling
a bedtime story about
the building of the bed,
the sewing of the quilt,
the day the bed came,
and what the child said
before falling asleep
and sleeping in peace.

Marda Messick, 2020


John Cousins, the head of Tallahassee’s Sleep in Heavenly Peace project, wrote to say he had shared how the quilting groups were supporting SHP when he was interviewed for an article in the Tallahassee Democrat about SHP being nominated for this year’s Giving Tuesday funding.

The Beatitude Foundation hosts, plans and underwrites Giving Tuesday each year through the Tallahassee Democrat. #GIVETLH separately spotlights 9 local nonprofits in the Tallahassee Democrat.  Each of the organizations will receive a $2,000 grant just for being nominated. The local community then chooses the top 3 and they are announced on giving Tuesday. The 1st prize is $10,000, 2nd prize is $5,000 and 3rd prize is $2,000.
Sleep in Heavenly Peace Tallahassee Chapter has been selected to be one of 9 nonprofits to compete for $10K in awards.   Should they be voted #1, this will enable them to build another 50 bunk beds or 100 kids off the floor in our town!!!!  Giving Tuesday falls on Tuesday, December 1st this year. Watch the Tallahassee Democrat on how to vote!


And last, but not least, many of you have been quilting up a storm. Here are some photos that were sent in to Sew for Hope.Click on quilt tops to see larger display.

Donna Dye’s quilts






Quilt tops are by Suzy Smith