Hello Dear Friends,

Thank you for your time and support.

Our August meeting dates will be the 6th and 20th from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm at St Stephen Lutheran, 2198 N Meridian. We’ll have brown bag lunch with show and tell around noon.

We’ll continue making nap time coverlet kits. We have a good start, but it’s a big commitment. Cynthia will work on this and needs a helper to volunteer. It’s simple but a little tedious. We’re not sewing yet — just matching fabric, pressing, and cutting. And listen up, tedious is much more fun with the fellowship of other stitchers. It becomes service with smiles and laughter.

Most of the ladies have been working on the philanthropic quilt of their choice. Some are still making crumb quilts, because it’s fun.

You may want to come for fellowship but don’t have a project in mind. We’ve been given a bunch of cut fabric squares and you can play with laying those out into a quilt top pattern. Fun, just laying out squares of the same size into a pattern you like.

We look forward to having you join in whenever you’re able. We also honor the solitary stitcher. All are welcome to stop by and pick up fabric to take home for one’s own philanthropic quilt(s).

Sew for Hope COVID Guidelines:

*  We ask that you not attend S4H unless you have had your COVID shots and at least one booster shot.
*  We also ask that you stay home when feeling sick and that you avoid coming to our meeting if, in the last 4 days, you have been exposed to a large number of people, such as a concert or a large family get-together.
*  The CDC encourages citizens to wear masks inside at this time. However, S4H is not making this mandatory.
*  We want to keep sewing together and not have to shut down because of Covid. Your help is needed.

We wish you the best in everything you do,

Cynthia and her Sew for Hope Sisters