Happy 4th of July!

We’ll meet Saturdays, 7/1 and 7/15 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm at St. Stephen Lutheran Church. Lunch with Show ‘n Tell will begin around 11:30 — or when tummies begin to loudly rumble. We’d like to welcome all our newest volunteers and let everyone know how much we appreciate your service and enjoy your company. We’re an open sewing group and all are welcome.

What we’re doing:

Pulling yardage for Pre-K nap-time coverlets. We need sets of novelty cotton with matching flannel. We aren’t ready to begin sewing yet, but we do need to make kits to hand out. Cynthia would appreciate a volunteer who’d be willing to head this project. A commitment has been made to PAEC for the 2024 summer season. At lunch, we should discuss if we want to continue this project going forward into 2025.

We also have a scrappy, strip-pieced, patchwork project that Jeanne started us on. There are lots of strips cut and so if you’d like to work on piecing blocks, that’d be great!

Many of our volunteers prefer to work on charity projects of their own choosing. This also is encouraged.

We now have three or four volunteers who only hand sew. It’s all good 😊.

Please bring:
Brown bag lunch, name tag (if you have one), portable sewing machine (if you choose to), project you’re working on (if you like), show and tell items.

We’re happily looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces.

Thanks for all you do,
Cynthia and her Sewing Sisters