PAEC pre-k nap-time coverlet instructions

Every year we give 45 pre-k, nap-time coverlets to PAEC Migrant Education, Summer Day Care Program in Quincy, Florida. We have completed and delivered the 2018 blankets.   We are currently accepting blankets for the 2019 summer session.  That deadline is 4/6/19.

You may request fabric kits from Sew for Hope Kids, or you may use your own fabric.



*Finished size of Nap-Time blankets should be approximately 39 1/2” x 49 ½”.

*Finished size of Crib blankets should be approximately 30” x 42-44″ .

*Finished size of Toddler blankets should be approximately 39” x 45-47”.

*Fabric chosen should be something that’s appealing to 3 and 4 year old children.

*Blankets are made from one layer of novelty cotton and one layer of coordinating flannel —

or one layer of novelty flannel and one layer of coordinating cotton or broad cloth fabric.

*Our goal is to have each blanket be different from all the others.



Please launder fabric prior to making blankets. Flannel will shrink.

For Nap-Time blankets cut both pieces of fabric 40” x 50”.

For Crib blankets cut the fabric 31” x width of fabric.

For Toddler blankets cut the fabric 40” x 48”.

Use a ½” seam allowance.

With right sides of fabric together, stitch almost all the way around the four sides.

Back tack at the beginning and ending of your stitching.

Leave an unstitched opening just large enough to get your hand in there.

Turn blanket right sides out.

Press, and stitch opening closed.

Top stitch around the entire blanket approximately 3/4” from edge.

Deliver your blanket to Sew for Hope Kids to receive much appreciation and admiration.

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