Meeting Again In-Person!

Hello Dear Friends,

We have decided to once again meet IN PERSON as the COVID rate has dropped significantly.

We will meet on Saturday, December 4th from 10 am to 2 pm. We meet at St Stephan Lutheran Church located at 2198 North Meridian Rd. Please only those who have been immunized against COVID may participate. Masks are optional.

Bring your own project, help put away fabric or help pick out and cut fabric for Sleep in Heavenly Peace or PAEC kits.

Below is a picture of a youngster who just received a bunk bed, plus his own quilt through Sleep in Heavenly Peace. You helped make this possible!

Thanks for all you do,

Cynthia Seyler



In-person meetings cancelled

Hello Dear Friends,

Sew for Hope is hitting the pause button on our group meetings. We really enjoyed getting together over the past several months. We thought the coast was clear as long as we adhered to the CDC recommendations. But, to my knowledge, Florida is now Number One in the country and the COVID Variants are proving to be deadly even if you are vaccinated and masked.

Recently two of our Quilter’s Unlimited sisters have lost their husbands to COVID even though both were vaccinated. We offer our deepest condolences to Mary Whelan and Margaret Boeth who have just lost their soul mates. We’re so sorry.

When we tried meeting with masks on, several of our volunteers could not join in. They physically could not wear a mask for four hours. We sorely missed them. We still will, but at least it doesn’t feel like we’re singling friends out.

Anyone who wants fabric or project kits please let us know. We can always arrange for someone to meet you at St Stephen Lutheran.

ZOOM Meetings Activated

S4H will be returning to Zoom Meetings with Show and Tell on First and Third Saturdays. Meetings will begin at 10:00 and end at 10:40. Those who want to be on the invitation list need to let Cynthia Seyler or Judith Rainbrook know.

Please stay safe and keep in touch with us if there’s anything we can do for you.

We send you love and hugs,

Cynthia and the Sew for Hope Sisters


August 2021 Meetings

Hello Dear Friends,

Our August meetings are Saturdays, 8/7 and 8/21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. We meet at St Stephan Lutheran Church, located at 2198 N Meridian Rd. Please only those who’ve been immunized against COVID may participate. Also, I’m sorry to say that we will be following the new CDC Guidelines by requiring masks to be worn inside the church. Florida is a red zone, and the CDC says vaccinated people can get and spread the Delta variant. So, people meeting indoors in the red zone should wear masks, vaccinated or not.

Last month when I dropped off blankets at HOPE Community it was pointed out that they need medium size quilts. That size measures approximately 52” x 60”. Also, Marie Vandenberg at HOPE Community informed me that little girls have been requesting pink. Because we haven’t had any medium size pink quilts, they’ve been selecting the next size smaller. So we send out a plea for the aforementioned size and color quilts. We do have a lovely stash of fabric at St Stephan, and we encourage those with a philanthropic heart to stop by and choose free fabric to work with. You can stay and have a chatty work day with us or take fabric home if you prefer being a solitary quilter.

Thank you to the talented and generous ladies who give so freely of their time. On Saturday I’ll be bringing in 3 quilt tops that Suzy just gave us. They are all in that medium size range that HOPE needs now. They need backing fabric, batting, quilting, and binding. I’m also bringing in 2 copy paper boxes filled with some beautiful yarn that Roselind gave us. It’s free to a good home.

We need nap time coverlets for PAEC Summer Daycare (2022). The sizes for the coverlets and all other quilts are on the website.

Thanks for all you do,

Cynthia and her Sewing Sisters

July Meeting Dates

Hello Dear Friends,

Our Saturday meetings in July will be 7/3/21 and 7/17/21 from 10 am to 2 pm.  We meet at St Stephan Lutheran Church located at 2198 North Meridian Rd. Please only those who have been immunized against COVID may participate.

In June we delivered over 60 nap-time coverlets to the PAEC migrant farm-worker daycare program in Quincy. Because this is such a big commitment, anyone who enjoys working on this project is encouraged to begin making them for summer of 2022. The directions are on our website. You may pick up fabric from our stash, use your leftover fabric, or purchase new fabric.

We should also begin selecting and cutting fabric for the PAEC kits, to make the process run smoothly.

That’s all for now. Thanks for all you do,

Cynthia and her Sew for Hope Sisters

Sew for Hope is starting to meet in person!

Hello Beautiful People,

We are HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY to be resuming our Sew for Hope meetings on Saturday, May 1 at 10:00 a.m. We will be following CDC guidelines. We’re sorry, but only those who’ve been vaccinated are invited. We’re mostly older folk and some of us have preexisting conditions which make us more vulnerable. We’re also requesting that masks be worn. Social distancing will be practiced as much as possible. We will not be sitting at the same small table for lunch. Every one can either eat at their sewing station whenever they get hungry, or find a space they’re comfortable moving to.

Please note our shortened hours. From this day forth, we’ll be meeting from 10 am – 2 pm.

We meet at St. Stephen Lutheran Church 2198 North Meridian Road, Tallahassee, FL  32303, just south of John Knox . (Directions)

Activities – We’ve received fabric donations which need to be sorted and put away or given away. We have several quilt tops to be paired with backing fabric and measured for batting. We just received quilt tops from Lois that she needs help completing. We were given oodles of cut squares from Suzy. We can either make kits, or start sewing and making quilt tops. Plus, I think we already have a container of squares at the church. Lastly, if you have an unfinished charity quilt, you can bring that to work on. So you see, we have plenty to do.

We’ll have quilting books and magazines to give away.

At the present time, HOPE Community has enough quilts in their stock pile. Lately, all the quilts we’ve been making at home have been donated to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, aka The Bunk Bed Project. Those quilts and blankets can be dropped off at any of the three Living Harvest Thrift Stores. Make sure you tell them and label them for Sleep in Heavenly Peace or the Bunk Bed Project. The bunk bed throws should be approximately 40 x 60 inches.

Thanks for all you do,
Cynthia and her Sewing Sisters