Our Things Removed from Storage, New Work Day Scheduled

This Saturday (11/21) a few totally outstanding volunteers moved Sew for HOPE out of mini-storage and into the new school and some took other items home with them. We won’t be putting our things away though since we have no cabinets or shelving yet. At least we’ll be out of storage, those places are expensive!

Please be advised that this is still a construction site and caution is advised. At this time there are 3 steps coming into the building and no hand rail.

We’re planning on having a work day Saturday, December 5, from 9 – 3. On that day we’ll put our things away if the cabinets are finished. If you’d like to make a donation for this need, please reply to me. If the cabinets don’t get installed, we’ll still meet so folks can drop off finished blankets and pick up kits.

At this point, we’re relying on volunteers to work on projects at home. There will always be a demand for kids blankets at the shelter. We’re very concerned that we haven’t been able to provide as many twin size blankets as is needed. If you’re receiving this message and do not sew, please consider purchasing a twin size blanket that a kid would just love to have. Please consider making Sew for HOPE and HOPE Community Kids the recipients of your Holiday charitable giving. Children from newborn to 21 years of age are eligible to receive a blanket, so we need all sizes and styles. Lately though there have been more families with older kids arriving at the shelter.

Until we get settled we are not accepting donations of fabric.

Thanks for all you do,
ARTS After School
3510 Weems Road

Sew for Hope Moving Saturday

The move out of storage is on but the cabinets in our room haven’t been installed so we won’t be putting our things away yet.

Everyone receiving this message is in Group 2. Please meet at the U-Haul Mini Storage at 9am. Everyone has the codes to get in the gate. Annette and I found it a little tricky when we went there last weekend. All I can say is read the screen on the key pad and follow the prompts carefully.

If you have trouble getting in, call my cell 556-1215.

Annette and I are taking 3 of our 4′ tables and heading to the school right away. We’ll clean the floors, and set up the tables in the center of our new room. When the boxes arrive we’ll put them under, and on top of the tables. We have to leave room for the workmen to finish construction, so if we end up with boxes that won’t fit in the room, Annette and Bob will take them home for safe keeping.

Thank you so much for all your help, we really appreciate everything you’re doing for Sew for HOPE and the kids at HOPE Community.

See you Saturday,

Move Postponed to November 21st


Judy and I toured the new ARTS After School site today, and it’s just not ready. It’s going to be wonderful, but they still have to add a window to our room, build the cabinets and shelves and lay the flooring. Furthermore, there’s no clean/finished spot where we can put our things.
We’re rescheduling to Saturday, November 21 from 9 – 3 with the same plan of 3 groups.
Group 1 meets at the new school at 9 to clean
Group 2 meets at the storage unit at 9 to load boxes and carry our treasures over
Group 3 meets at the school at 10 to start putting things away
The address of the new ARTS After School is — 3510 Weems Rd. It’s on Weems at Eliza. Eliza runs beside the Honey Baked Ham Shop on Capital Cr E.
I would never assume that those who volunteered for this Saturday would be able to help on the 21st, so please reply to this email if you can help. We’re sorry that we’ve had to change plans again, but it’s just taken longer than they thought to build the new facility. It happens.
Meanwhile, because we can’t work we’re getting very nervous about having enough blankets for the Winter and Holiday Season.
Annette and I will be at the U-Haul storage unit this Saturday morning (11/7) from 9 – 11 to collect some quilt kits. If you’d like to stop by and pick up a project to work on at home, or if you have finished blankets to deliver, let me know and I’ll give you the precise location (if you don’t already have it).
Sew for HOPE will also be at Quilter’s Unlimited Guild Meeting on Thursday evening, November 12. If you have quilts or blankets to drop off or want to pick up a kit, let me know. The guild meets at Temple Israel, 2215 Mahan Dr. The meeting starts at 7, so please visit Sew for HOPE between 6 – 7.
Thanks for all you do,

Moving In! Moving Day 11/7/2015

Here we go — finally moving into our new home. I’m so grateful we have a home to go to, but sure hope this is the last time we have to do this.
As before, we’ll plan on having a 9 – 3 work day. At this point it’s challenging to formulate a plan because the school is still a construction site. As the day draws nearer, we’ll have a better idea of what we’ll be able to accomplish that day – and if we’ll even need to work for that long. It just depends on how many volunteers we have.
This is new construction, so I imagine we’ll have to clean the cabinets and shelves before we can put our things away. There will probably be lots of dust, so we’ll need cleaners with dust cloths, and basic cleaning supplies. Maybe someone would bring a pack of toilet paper.
We’ll have all our belongings to bring from Uhaul Mini-Storage, so we’ll need several trucks, a car or two, and hand-trucks.
We’ll need people with good organizational skills and willing hands to put our things away.
I’d like to get everything organized and put away so we’ll be done with it and can get back to our mission of making blankets for children in need. With Winter right around the corner we have a lot of catching up to do.
I reiterate that we may have to change plans, but here’s our tentative plan. Group One meets at the school at 9. Group One will dust, clean, and get the space ready. Group Two meets at the storage unit at 9. Group Two will load and move our treasures to the new school. Group Three will arrive at the school at 10. Group Three sorts and puts things away.
People from Groups One and Two can stay and help Group Three if they so choose.
Please email me at cseyler01@gmail.com to let me know if you can help and what group or groups you would like to be a part of.

Thank you so much. We are eternally grateful for all your help,

News and Information

Hello Friends,

The total number of handmade quilts and afghans we’ve made and donated to HOPE Community is now at 1,406. Thank you to Tallahassee’s local church sewing groups, and to our local quilt and sewing guilds for helping make this possible.

We don’t have a move-in date for the new facility yet, so we won’t have our October 3 play-day. Our next scheduled day after that would be October 17. Maybe we can move our things from the mini-storage unit on that day. I’ll let you know when we have more information. We can’t plan anything yet, and need to give the school a chance to move their things first so we won’t be a nuisance.

The current Sew for HOPE blanket count at HOPE Community is meager. At this time there’s very little that our core group can do about it since everything is packed up. I really don’t like to push, but may I please humbly request that if you’re making a blanket for a HOPE kid, that you get it finished as soon as possible.

Just inside the storage unit, we have a couple of large totes containing many quilts that are close to being finished. Judy or I can meet you if you’l like to pick one up. If you have a finished quilt at home that you need to drop off, Judy and I will be at the Quilter’s Unlimited Guild meeting on Thursday, October 8. We meet at Temple Israel at 2215 Mahan Dr. Please drop off blankets between 6:15 – 6:45 (before the Guild meeting begins). If that’s not convenient, please call Judy 274-4699, to schedule a different time and place.

At this time we have plenty of receiving blankets, baby afghans, and small quilts. Our biggest need is for twin size and lap size blankets.

Sew for HOPE has a lovely handmade vintage quilt that’s better suited for a fund raiser than a gift for a child. We’re needing extra money for the storage unit at $170.00 per month, and we do have operational expenses. Is anyone willing to coordinate a raffle for us?

Thanks for all you do,