August 2015 play days and a current blanket count

The following message was penned by Judy Rainbrook for the Quilter’s Unlimited monthly newsletter, but it’s so well written that I thought I should include it in this reminder.

“Sew for Hope has been very busy the last few months making scrappy quilt blocks. But we still have three bins of scraps left! We have been pleasantly surprised by an increase in volunteers for our Saturday meetings at ARTS After School.
    When we dropped off completed quilts at Hope Community in July, we found that the stock of twin size quilts was totally depleted and medium quilts were down to eight. A large influx of families has led to this sudden demand. There are 40+ residents over capacity right now at Hope and many of them have youngsters and teenagers with them. So if you have a medium or large quilt that you are working on for Sew for HOPE, now would be a useful time to finish it.
    Sew for Hope could also use larger pieces of cotton fabric suitable for quilt backing.”
Judy Rainbrook

    Good work ladies and gentlemen, the grand total of blankets that Sew for HOPE has donated to HOPE Community is now 1,376. Even though we desperately need blankets right now, we would like to take a moment to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our mission.
    Sew for HOPE also needs large bent quilter’s safety pins. This is an item specific for quilting, and not your average safety pin.
     We have many quilts that are pin-basted and ready to be hand-tied or machine quilted. If you have some time to donate to this worthy cause, please stop by one of our Saturday work days and take a blanket home to finish. We need you. Thank you.

Our August Saturday play days are the 1st and 15th from 9am – 3pm
ARTS After School
2743 Capitol Circle NE in the Esposito’s strip center
lunch 11:30 – 12:30
Thank you to ARTS After School for donating such a wonderful work space.



Thanks for all you do,


Work Day Schedule – 2015

The following dates are the work days remaining for 2015:
Aug  1 & 15,
Sept  5 & 19,
Oct  3 & 17,
Nov  7,
Dec  5

Sew for HOPE play days and other information

There will be no “First Saturday” Sew for HOPE meeting this month as it would have landed on July 4th.
We will only have one meeting in July — on the 18th, from 9 – 3.

I’d like to take a moment and thank the talented members of the American Sewing Guild Tallahassee Chapter. Last week they held a special work day for Sew for HOPE and the kids at HOPE Community Homeless Shelter. Thank you ladies.
We’ve heard there’s a rumor going around that HOPE Community has too many blankets and doesn’t need any more. Unfortunately, that’s not true. It is true that sometimes we have a stockpile of blankets, but usually those are receiving blankets and small quilts for little kids. Lately there have been lots of older teens staying at HOPE Community. It’s been a challenge to keep enough large blankets in stock. We want the kids to have choices. An 18 year old boy has little need or want of a crib quilt designed for an infant. So we keep working to make sure we have a variety for boys and for girls of all ages from newborn to 21 years of age.
At any given time there are around 60 kids residing at the HOPE Community Shelter. Sometimes those kids stay at the shelter for many months and sometimes just overnight. Regardless of the length of their stay, they are eligible for a blanket. When there’s a rapid turnover, there is a greater need for blankets. Since we can’t predict how fast they will be given out, we feel that it’s necessary to have lots of blankets on hand. Many times when people leave their homes, they take nothing with them. They arrive at HOPE Community with nothing. At least a blanket will offer a child a little warmth and a little security.
It is my prayer that as a society we’ll find the solutions to homelessness. In the meantime, I think we’ll keep making blankets.
Thanks for all you do,

Sew for HOPE upcoming Saturday play days

It’s time for another get-together, so please join us if you can.
We’ll be making scrappy blocks with some of the fun fabric we’ve been blessed to receive. We’ll need a few volunteers to stitch on their machines (or ours), one or two ladies or men to iron fabric, and a couple people to cut with a rotary cutter. Then when we have enough blocks accumulated we’ll need a volunteer or two to play with the blocks and arrange them into the patterns for quilt tops. The recipients of our quilts and blankets are, of course, local boys and girls who are homeless and in need of some extra color and warmth in their lives.
We also need a couple volunteers to work on purging fabric. We don’t have a move date yet, but we should start preparing by getting rid of some of our fabrics that are less than suitable for kids quilts. There’s no point in packing and moving fabric we probably won’t ever use. Unwanted fabric is offered to our volunteers. Any left-overs go to Anita’s Funky Emporium for sale as a way to make a little money for Sew for HOPE’s operational expenses.
Interested folks who would rather work at home are welcome to stop by to pick up a kit or fabric to work on at their own pace.
June dates and other info:
6/6 & 6/20  Time: 9-3
Please bring show and tell items and any personal quilting projects that you need advice or feedback on.
ARTS After School (always)
2743 Capitol Cr NE
(In the Esposito’s strip mall between Trail and Ski and Bella Hair Salon)
Thank you to all our volunteers, donors, and to ARTS After School for giving us such a perfect place to work for our special kids.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Here’s your friendly reminder that we’re getting together this Saturday, May 2, 2015.
Time:  9 – 3,
Where:  ARTS After School
Lunch from 11:30 – 12:30ish
We encourage you to bring quilting or sewing related show and tell items. We love to see what you’re working on.
We’ve completed the PAEC blanket project so now we’re rewarding ourselves with a really fun project. We’ll be working on scrappy paper-pieced quilt blocks in an attempt to use up some of our fabric scraps. The funny thing about working with scraps is that you seem to have the same amount when you stop as when you started. We love all of our fabric, regardless of how big the pieces are. Well, they must love each other too, because they seem to be multiplying.
Our second play day in May will be the 16th. We will probably continue to play with fabric scraps. Linda cut 100 paper foundations, so we may as well use them up. They’ll make great building blocks for future quilts.
For more information please visit our website
Thanks for all you do,
PS  A big thanks to everyone who worked on the PAEC blanket project. It went so smooth this year, and all the blankets turned out so cute.