August Play Days

Hi! I hope you’re having a great summer.
Our August days will be Saturdays 8/4 and 8/18 from 10 – 3 with (bring your own bag) lunch from 11:30 – 12:30.
We always meet at ARTS After School at 3510 Weems Road.
We’ll be sewing, sorting, pressing, organizing – you know, all those activities that come with making charity blankets . . . all while having lots of fun.
I’d like to thank all our talented, kind, and loving volunteers who give their time so graciously. Sew for Hope has the best volunteers.
Thanks for all you do,

July Work Days

Happy Independence Day! I’m grateful that I have the freedom to sew and the time to be of service to others.
This month we’re meeting on July 7 & 21, from 10-3, with brown bag lunch 11:30 – 12:30.
As always we meet at ARTS After School at 3510 Weems Rd.
We have fabric donations coming in, so we’ll do some sorting in the morning. We received a large box of samples from a sewing factory (Himatsingka America) that makes bedding sets. They sent large color-coordinated pieces. We have a serger and on Saturday I’d personally like to make some summer-weight coverlets out of this fabric. The samples are big pieces and I’m going to serge them into panels for light-weight twin size blankets. Does anyone have a serger they could bring and the desire to help me with this project? There’s plenty of fabric to go around. Many of our volunteers like to come up with their own idea for charity blankets and quilts to sew. They come and work with the group but do their own thing. Join us if you feel you’d benefit from working in a group setting. We’re blessed to have a nice group of women who are fun to be with and are supportive of one-another. We also welcome solitary stitchers who like to stop by and select fabric or a kit to take home with which to make a charity blanket.
Hope to see you Saturday.
Thanks for all you do,

June Play Dates and News

Hi there,
We hope to see you during the month of June. We’ll be at ARTS After School on Saturdays, June 2 & 16. We always meet from 10 – 3 with lunch from 11:30 – 12:30.
For more information about Sew for Hope Kids and our mission please visit:
For more information about ARTS After School, please visit:
We have an over-abundance of (small yet lovely) fabric scraps, so in June we’ll use those to make scrappy blocks. We usually spend our time finishing the work of other quilters. From that process we end up with left-over fabric – just like every other quilter. They’re much to precious to throw away, and it’s such fun to make scrappy quilts — it’s kind of messy though. We’ll need folks to sew and others to press. It would be a blessing if we also had a volunteer or two just to carry fabric and quilt blocks back and forth between stitchers and pressers. This would be a good month for beginners to jump in.
Since our inception in 2008, Sew for Hope has donated 1,804 handmade quilts and blankets just to the HOPE Community Homeless Shelter in Tallahassee. We’ve also given quilts and blankets to other groups and organizations. One such agency is PAEC in Quincy. Every year, since 2013, we’ve made and donated Pre-K naptime coverlets and crib blankets to their Migrant Farm Worker Summer Daycare Program. To date we’ve gifted them 340 blankets.
On Saturday, if you’re dropping off donations to us at ARTS, please try to do so before 1:00 so we’ll have time to sort before the end of the day. We can always use flannel, cotton novelty quilting fabric, and cotton solids and blenders.
Thanks for all you do,

Great Work Day!

We had a great day this Saturday, May 5th, working on a quilt-as-you-go project, making scrappy blocks and re-sorting our boxes of scraps to get the proper colors back together, as well as putting fabric into the fabric closet. We will meet again for similar activities on Saturday, May 19th from 10 am to 3 pm, with a brown-bag lunch at 11:30. We continue to meet at Arts After School, 3510 Weems Road. Join us!


April Meeting Schedule

Happy Springtime!
Our next two Saturday meetings are April 7 and 21, 2018
10 – 3
ARTS After School
3510 Weems Road
brown bag lunch 11:30 – 12:30
We always have a good time playing with fabric and deciding how to finish UFOs into quilts and make blankets that kids would love to have. Sometimes those design decisions are simple, such as choosing two large pieces of fabric that coordinate and sewing them together for a naptime coverlet. Sometimes the UFOs are complex, like when a stitcher completely goofed up her quilt blocks — and rather than figure out how to fix it, donated them to us. Then we figure out how to salvage it. So, if you know how to sew and love puzzles with more than one solution, please join us. If you’d like to be of service in a non-pressure setting and don’t know how to sew, we always need fabric pressers, runners, and people who are willing to help set up at 10 or clean up at 2:30.
Sew for Hope Kids is forming a new Pick up and Delivery Volunteer Pool. We already have a volunteer coordinator. We just need a handful of folks who, if available when called upon, will pick up outgoing donations from Sew for Hope during our Saturday play sessions. Volunteer will deliver those items, at their convenience, to other organizations such as The Sharing Tree. Outgoing donations are fabric and sewing or craft supplies that we can’t use. We’re also looking for folks to occasionally launder and fold fabric that will be returned back to Sew for Hope. If you’re willing and able to be a member of this pool, please reply. Of course, please forward this to anyone you think might like to be involved.
If you have donations for Sew for Hope Kids, please deliver before lunch so we have a chance to sort them before it’s time to clean up.
Thanks for all you do,