Just a quick note. Our August meeting dates are the 5th and 19th, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at St. Stephen Lutheran Church at 2198 N. Meridian Road. Brown bag lunch and Show ‘n Tell begins around noon.

Right now everyone seems to be working on a philanthropic sewing project of their own choosing.

Regarding the PAEC nap time coverlets, the novelty cotton has been selected for the Pre-K size. The next step is to pair that up with flannel. Thanks to Vivian, we have 22 completed blankets with 23 left to make. After we complete those, we’ll make eight toddler sized. Information regarding this project is available on this web site under “PAEC Pre-K nap time coverlet instructions.”

We received a large fabric donation that I will begin delivering to the church in August. It’s too much to bring all at once! Please join us to receive some of this treasure. We don’t have enough space to keep it all, so we’ll have lots of goodies to give away on the 5th and the 19th. Furthermore, we’ll probably need to take some of it to our Quilters Unlimited meetings to sell or give away.

Well ladies, thanks for all you do and stay cool,

Cynthia and her Sewing Sisters