Hello Friends,

Sandra Tate has cheerfully agreed to step up as our leader. I will still be at meetings when I feel up to it, but beginning in January, Sandra will be our Leading Lady. Let’s give her a big thank you and a resounding applause.

Our last two meetings this year will be Saturday, November 4th and Saturday, December 2nd.

Also, for January 2024, our Saturday meetings will be January 6th and January 20th. We will continue to meet at St. Stephen Lutheran, 2198 N Meridian from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm with lunch/show ‘n tell around noon.

It’s been suggested that we start the new year by tackling our massive amount of fabric scraps. So, we’ll start making crumb quilt blocks. It’s a fun project, but we won’t force anyone who dislikes scrappy. As always, stitchers are encouraged to create and work on blankets of their choosing.

Thanks for all you do,
Cynthia and her sewing sisters.