November Work Days

This month our Saturday play days will be November 5 and 19, 2016.
All our meetings are from 9 – 3 at ARTS After School, 3510 Weems Road, with lunch from 11:30 – 12:30.
We have one weighted therapy blanket to complete and two more to make before we’re caught up with the present request from PlayBig Therapy Center. We’re really proud that we’ve completed 22 so far — all custom made to the height and weight of each special kid. Wahoo! Regarding the last two blankets that we haven’t started yet; both children requested Star Wars fabric. One boy likes Minecraft also. Of course we appreciate all our fabric donations, but we rarely receive licensed fabrics such as these. So, if you happen to have a spare couple of yards of either of these cotton fabrics, we’d really love to have them.
We do have other projects started, so if making therapy blankets doesn’t float your boat, you can come and work on patchwork instead. Thanks to the generosity of ARTS After School, we have plenty of room to spread out. If you have a S4HK project started and want to bring it and work in a group setting, that would be fine too. We love all our volunteers and all the gifts they have to offer.
Judy Rainbrook and I will be at Temple Israel on Thursday, Nov 10 for anyone who wants to drop off donations. You can stop by between 1 – 4:30 while Judy is there for the Bits and Pieces Sit and Stitch, or you can deliver between 5:30 – 6:30 before the Quilter’s Unlimited meeting starts. Of course you’re welcome to come to the QU meeting as well. Social time is from 6:30 – 7. Meeting starts at 7. While I’m at it, I’d like to thank QU members for all their love and generosity.
Other needs — If anyone has a digital kitchen scale they’re no longer using, we’d love to have it for measuring poly-pellets. We can always use cotton quilting fabric yardage in solids or blenders to coordinate with the many different patterned fabrics we have. And we’d love to have more novelty and juvenile cotton fabric.
But wait! There’s more. Just to kids at the HOPE Community Homeless Shelter here in Tallahassee we’ve donated over 1,600 handmade blankets. Most of those were quilts.
For more information, please visit the S4HK website, or the sites for other local orgs at the bottom of this email.
Thanks for all you do,
Cynthia Seyler, Founder
ARTS After School
Temple Israel
Quilter’s Unlimited

October Play Dates

Thank you for your time.
We’re meeting:
Saturday, October 1, 2016
9 – 3, lunch 11:30 – 12:30
ARTS After School
3510 Weems Rd
There are four children attending PlayBig Therapy and Learning Center who don’t have weighted therapy blankets yet. WTB soothe children who have suffered trauma or who have autism.These specialty blankets are custom made for the height, weight, and fabric preference of each child. That means they are very expensive for parents to buy. Our tentative plan for this Saturday is to make these specific WTB so they can be given to the kids. It’s tentative because we don’t have the poly-pellets in our possession yet. If by chance we don’t get the pellets, we have a dozen other projects we can work on. We have lots of tops that need to be finished into quilts. Pam Doffek bought us a mega-size roll of batting, and we have plenty of backing fabric. We’re good to go!
We have several sewing machines that can be used, however it seems to work out best when folks bring their own travel size machines.
We do need help getting some of our many quilt tops finished into blankets. I know there are many ladies (and a few good men) who can quilt or tie but can’t work with us on Saturdays. Please stop by and pick up a project to take home. We don’t have deadlines and any work you do is appreciated. We also have a pretty large fabric stash. Volunteers are welcome to stop by and select fabric with which to make a charity quilt. Other organizations in need of fabric and thread are also welcome to come raid our stash. We’ve been blessed with abundance and love to share.
Judy and I will be at Temple Israel (2215 Mahan Dr) for the Quilter’s Unlimited meeting on Thursday, October 13. I’m arriving at 5:30p.  Judy will also be there from 1:00 to 4:30 pm. If you’re not a QU member and have donations or finished quilts to deliver, you must arrive before 7p. If you’d like to stay for the meeting, social time is from 6:30 – 7. The meeting starts at 7.
Right now our greatest need is for quilts and blankets sized medium (approx. 60″ x 72″) and larger teen sizes (approx. 68″ x 86″).
We need poly-pellets for making weighted therapy blankets. The pellets are very expensive to purchase because the shipping is so high. If you have poly-pellets left over from a project, please consider giving them to Sew for Hope Kids.
We need about 2 yards of Hello Kitty fabric for one of the weighed therapy blankets.
For more information please go to our website at:
You may also wish to visit these other sites.

Our next work day will be Saturday, October 15. Same time. Same place.

Thanks for all you do,

News and Information

We’ve given approximately 1,600 handmade quilts and blankets just to the kids at HOPE Community Homeless Shelter. We donate to other organizations, but on Saturday, September 3 from 9 – 3 we’ll be focusing on finishing more quilts for HOPE Kids. We’ve been given many quilt tops with which to work.

Please stop by for the day or an hour. We’ll have lunch from 11:30 – 12:30 for nice folks who just want to stop by and visit.

We have a rolling secretarial chair to give away. If anyone wants it please let me know.

We seem to have run out of batting. We’d really appreciate it if someone would donate batting at this time because it’s hard to finish quilts without it.

Thank you to our volunteers and donors who have made our success possible. We love you and couldn’t have done it without you.


Arts After School
3510 Weems Rd

Sew for Hope Kids News and Dates

We’ll be meeting at ARTS After School on Saturday, August 20 from 9 – 3 with lunch from 11:30 – 12:30.

3510 Weems Rd. — on Weems at Eliza. Eliza runs beside Honey Baked Ham on Capitol Circle NE.

For lunch, please bring a brown bag.

Although we’re still getting settled into our new home, we love the space. It’s so convenient that our fabric is right there in our room. Thanks to our donors, our cabinets are filled with an abundance of colorful and fun fabrics to work with. We thank ARTS for giving us this wonderful home.

Right now we’re working on several projects, which of course is the norm for us. We’ve had many unfinished quilts donated to us and that’s what we’ll be working on. We want to get those quilts finished and into the hands of children who are in need.

All are welcome to come and work in a group setting, take a project home to work on, or just stop by for a visit and see the new space. We’ve also been known to give fabric away to other charity sewing groups. If your group is in need of fabric, we welcome you. We love to share our abundance.

Last week I delivered 21 beautifully finished quilts and one tiny receiving blanket to HOPE Community here in Tallahassee. I’m very pleased that so many stitchers have heard our plea and donated long twin quilts suitable for older boys and girls. Marie at HOPE reported to me that they continue to harbor families with older kids. If you’re wondering what our current needs are, it remains quilts and blankets suitable for older teens. Kids up to 21 years of age are eligible to receive a Sew for Hope Kids blanket. Last week I also delivered two laundry basket bassinets. They are so cute. At this time I’m unable to attach the photo, so we’ll post it to the website.

We need 100% cotton fabric yardage (2 – 6 yard pcs) in solid colors. We did receive the black I requested, and also navy and white. Most fabric that’s donated is patterned, so we need primary and brightly colored solids that will play nice with all those different patterns.

All our play days are on Saturdays from 9 – 3 at ARTS After School. The rest of our dates in 2016 are:

9/3, 9/17, 10/1, 10/15, 11/5, 11/19 & 12/3.

Thanks for all you do,

Sew for Hope News and Dates

We had a very productive work day at our first meeting at ARTS After School. Thank you so much to everyone who came to help put things away and to sew for those who are less fortunate and in need of warmth. Thank you to Dr. Carla Hutchinson at ARTS for the generous gift of work and storage space. We are so fortunate and it’s great to be back home.
Our next two play days are Saturdays, July 16 and August 6, 2016, from 9 – 3, with lunch around 11:30 – 12:30.
Annette is going to arrive at 9 and will need help setting up. Cynthia is arriving after lunch and will need help clearing up. We’ll be working on the laundry basket basinettes, and doing some patchwork sewing.
Last time Christy, Jeannie and Mary brought their own machines to sew on, and that worked out very well. It’s so much easier to sew on a machine you understand. Thank you ladies.
We plan to always set up a table in the hallway for giveaways of fabric, quilting templates, and other things we can no longer use. You’re always welcome to stop by on one of our play days and see what we’ve got.
Our greatest need continues to be large blankets — that is long twin size that an older teen would love to have.
Well, that’s it for now. Have a great Summer and . . .
Thanks for all you do,